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Sustainability Applied Team

Sustainability Applied 2013 is presented by BLOOM. Since 2000, BLOOM has successfully designed and delivered 200 events to 15,000 participants across Canada and internationally. BLOOM events are known as "must attend" opportunities to share perspectives, knowledge, and innovative ideas that organizations can use to take action and implement sustainability solutions.

We assemble a dedicated core team comprised of senior management, in-house staff and external professionals, with specialist expertise in: business sustainability, marketing and communications, and event management.

External Advisors

Wesley Gee, Director of Sustainability, The Works Design Communications
Nelson Switzer, Director & Leader, Sustainable Business Solutions, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Michael Townsend, CEO, Earthshine Solutions Ltd.
Bob Willard, Sustainability Speaker and Author
Brad Zarnett, Founder and Chief Sustainability Connector, Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series


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