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The Bloom Centre for Sustainability

The Bloom Centre for Sustainability (BLOOM) is a leading authority in the area of applied sustainability. For nearly two decades we have developed a successful track record of bringing together public and private sector interests to drive change, and implement sustainability initiatives that deliver economic, environmental and social benefit.

Our name is derived from the organization's desire to see a return on sustainability investments. We view sustainability through the lens of "best use, best return" and take a pragmatic approach that leverages our business skills, technical knowledge, passion and established connections to get things done. Our greatest strengths include our ability to think holistically and to discover new opportunities by applying "what if" scenarios.

BLOOM understands that to reap tangible benefits, sustainability concepts must become real sustainable solutions. Yet despite the benefits, for many organizations, sustainability remains an elusive goal with no clear path on how to get there. We empower organizations to embed sustainability into both their business model, and their investment, procurement and policy decision-making.

To inspire change, build capacity and guide actions, we host and deliver an annual Sustainability Applied conference. Grounded in practicality, this dynamic, interactive event brings together leaders and experts to demonstrate the business value of sustainability, and to share the paths they have navigated on their sustainability journey.

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Event and Registration Enquiries:

Joanna Hickling
Event Services Manager
905.822.4133 x 237

Sponsorship Enquiries:

Kevin Jones
President and CEO
905.822.4133 x 232

Media and Communications Enquiries:

Warren Cathro
Sustainability and Communications Manager
905.822.4133 x 241

The Bloom Centre for Sustainability (BLOOM)
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